Antigua & Barbuda has A Full 365 After “Workey…Workey

It was my first time hearing “Burning Flames” perform, thanks to a contact that could hardly stop speaking of his love for Antigua and Barbuda. So piqued was my interest that a few years later found myself upon those shores and there were so many. Antigua and Barbuda boasts of a full 365 beautiful beaches … one for each day of the year!!!

On my first trip to this beautiful isle, one of the Caribbean’s premier tourist destinations, it was my pleasure to stay with some friends in the capital of St. John’s.

Antigua & Barbuda has A Full 365 After "Workey...Workey

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During my visits the number of other tourists on the isle was always quite evident. And of course, it is quite understandable with the opportunities for hiking and birdwatching; horse-riding, which was quite enjoyable; day cruises, fishing, which remains a very memorable time; and so much more including a visit to English Harbour, which was really interesting and informative including the fact that it fuels one of the world’s foremost maritime events-Sailing Week.

English Harbour

Antigua & Barbuda has A Full 365 After "Workey...Workey

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On my drives in and around the capital of St. John’s the diversity of the people was easily seen.  The presence of the investment banking industry was also noteworthy. Other sites included the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda and the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, a multi-use stadium in North Sound, that was created mostly for cricket matches, and has hosted the matches during the 2007 Cricket World Cup. I still recall the shouts and cheers of one of the matches that took place while there.

Even with my three (3) visits to Antigua and Barbuda there still remains so much unexplored to be discovered and enjoyed. I recently learnt that the Capital   is home to two medical schools called American University of Antigua and University of Health Sciences Antigua.

But what was well-appreciated on my trips was the connection between this isle and the ‘Birds.’ For during my visits the locals had a running joke about it being only obvious and natural that their Prime Minister would be a ‘Bird’ all these years. After all Barbuda boasts of the Barbuda’s Frigate Bird Sanctuary, located in the island’s northwestern lagoon, accessible only by boat. This sanctuary contains over 170 species of birds and is home to over 5,000 frigate birds. Fregata magnificens, the most aerial of water birds, possesses the largest wingspan (four to five feet) in proportion to its body size of any bird in the world. Needless to say, it took no effort to recall that St. John’s is served by the V. C. Bird International Airport.

One of the 365 beaches of Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda has A Full 365 After "Workey...Workey

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Now after my third visit to this isle, there was a great appreciation of why the contact that brought ‘Burning Flames’ to our concert could not stop singing praises for this isle. After all the “workey … workey” day in and day out, who would not relish the opportunity to have access to beautiful relaxing beaches, a full 365 of them!!!

By Kerriann Toby

KerriToby BylineKerriann Toby holds a Master of Counselling and Bachelor of Psychology. She is a dynamic therapist, trained mediator; and educator since 2000. In addition to being a trained educator, mediator and therapist, she is a certified Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Professional. Kerriann has also trained in cybercounselling and holds clinical registration with Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) & Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).

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