Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown goes to Trinidad

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown will air on CNN at 9 PM on Sunday, June 25, 2017 highlighting the Caribbean island of Trinidad

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown goes to Trinidad


Trinidad (airdate: June 25) A trip to the Caribbean uncovers how the island of Trinidad has turned a history of colonialism and slavery into a non-stop celebration of multicultural food, music and good times. Bourdain visits Port of Spain, a vibrant city of African, Indian, Chinese and Middle Eastern influence, where he dines on curried duck, doubles (floppy Indian bread topped with curry chickpeas, mango) and fish in tahini sauce with Trinidadians of contrasting cultures. While the Carnival lifestyle revolves around liming (hanging out) and wining (dancing), Bourdain questions the extent to which this non-stop bacchanal distracts residents from the country’s growing list of social ills.

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