Another Scandal in Washington DC

Deon Silvera, a three-time recipient of the prestigious Best Actress award and an inductee in the Caribbean Hall of Fame for outstanding achievements in theatre, brings another scandal to the Washington, D. C. metropolitan area. The play—Scandal— will be presented on Sunday, September 22, 2013 at the High Point High School in Beltsville, Maryland, at 7:00pm, admission is $30 in advance, $40 at the door.

This amazing comedy, written by Micahel Denton, will treat patrons to raucous laughter, heart-warming tears, and inspire thoughts to accentuate decent morals. The plot surrounds Stanley Stancock, from Mocho, Clarendon, who impregnates his girlfriend then flees to the big city of Kingston. He becomes very financially successful and lives lavishly. His wife employs a young girl to work as a domestic helper in their home. Stanley’s wife was totally unaware of his episode back in Mocho, Clarendon.

The real irony is that Stanley does not know who the girl is. He eventually gets into a relationship with her which is about to produce a child. According to Balford Henry of the Gleaner, the events which transpire are what make the play, “Really worth seeing.”

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With over 30 years experience in theatre Deon Silvera has played a range of characters in various productions from Ecstasy to Scandal. This excellent Jamaican thespian has performed in numerous stage productions, in addition to movies, television sitcoms, radio drama and commercials (TV and radio).

A three-time recipient of the prestigious Best Actress award — in 1995, 2011, and 2012 — Deon was recently inducted in the Caribbean Hall of Fame for outstanding achievements in theatre.

Michael Nicholson - Actor's Profile

Michael Nicholson will share the stage with Deon in this highly acclaimed comedy. He is considered as one of the most accomplished actors in Jamaica today having performed in 11 pantomimes and won the Actor Boy Award in 2000 for his supporting work in Oliver’s Posse.  Also popularly known across Jamaica as “Stringbeans” for his much loved role in The Blackburns (formerly Royal Palm Estate) – the oldest running television drama series in Jamaica.


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Garfield Reid, also known as “Bad Boy Trevor”, is a popular playwright, director, and actor.  He has performed in over fifteen productions, many of which he has written and directed — Hatta ClapsStory come to BumpRompin in my RoomGuns and RosesTwice my AgeAnts Inna Yuh MilkPassaPassa Pt 2 and Badmind — are some of his most popular works. 

Garfield is credited for penning Stages Productions’ most known and first production Bashment Granny, He then followed that with creating the hit Shebada Comes to Town and Bashment Granny Part 2. Reid has continued to assist in writing and directing productions for Stages and occasionally appearing in some of these productions alongside some of Jamaica’s most alluring actors, in productions such as Like Father like SonMoney Worries and The Plumber

Abigail GrantThese stellar thespians will be ably supported by Christopher ‘Johnny’ Daley and Abigail ‘Babalita’ Grant.

Thousands of patrons have been delighted with this comedic experience. “Most humorous play to hit Toronto,” Eddie Grant, Share Newspaper-Toronto, Canada. Get Your Tickets Today!


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By: Karl A. Haughton,



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