Annia Mbulu and Sannah Khan receive major award in Canada

Customarily, community affairs and administration has strictly been the domain of men. Traditionally, this has been evident from the gender imbalance of leaders and office bearers across the world. This has been largely due to institutional, socio-economic and cultural constraints. In contemporary lifestyle however, women have a taken a more dominant role in community development and advancement. Today, women are helping to lead the way in policy decision making and socio-economic affairs, particularly in contributing to community development and progress.

The International Women Achievers Awards (IWAA) was established in 2009 in an effort to honour the stellar contributions of women in world-wide community development. The awards ceremony is held during International Women’s month with the main aim of empowering young women to distinction and service to their communities.

Sannah Khan

Sannah Khan

One such young lady is Sannah Khan.  Sannah is currently completing a joint program with York University and Sheridan College to attain her Bachelor of Design Degree.  At present, she specializes in motion graphics, with the aim of developing her skills as a prospective professional graphic designer.

Pursuing a degree in Graphic Design grew out of an extremely strong passion for, and a burning desire to produce great art. In fact, Sannah began producing art from a tender age. Starting around age six, she began drawing every chance she had, and on any surface she could find. This passion and skill, she carried all the way through to high school where she began producing timeless art. In fact, she avidly produced beautiful pieces of art, of varying media, demonstrating extensive degrees of skill. This included clay work, painting, and computer graphics.

Today, Sannah’s passion for art has morphed into a career. With her expertise, she is doing extensive work in Batik Art.  She has been considerably involved in developing a Modern Batik Art Workshop program which involves teaching the technique of Modern Batik. Moreover, the workshop is aimed at empowering youth to become artistic entrepreneurs doing what they love. Sannah is the recipient of the YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARD.

Chief Mrs. Annia Mbulu 

Annia Mbulu

Chief Mrs. Annia Mbulu will receive the SUPPORTIVE PARTNER AWARD. She is a philanthropist at heart; her charitable giving directly or indirectly focuses on improving the quality of life and opportunities for girls and women. Annia is a firm believer in the concept that philanthropic investments in women, girls and the youth can fuel positive change in communities around the world.

Mrs. Mbulu has established a philanthropic foundation in partnership with her husband Chief Emmanuel Mbulu. Their foundation, Tone-A-Matic International Inc. encourages enterprise and philanthropy, while creating a positive impact in the lives of our youths. This is mainly done via intervention programs such as education programs, development projects and scholarships.

The International Women Achievers Awards is a spectacular event which showcases and acknowledges the accomplishments a distinctive assembly of extra-ordinary women from around the world. The prestige of the awards serves as testament to the ever growing philanthropic prowess and achievements of women, fostering development in communities across the world.

The event points to the desire of women to excel in areas such as academia, leadership, and volunteerism; and to imbue a sense of pride in their peers as well as in the younger generation. Today we acknowledge and salute these women as they make the world better through their lives and accomplishments.

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