Anjulie remembers being told – Dey Ain’t No Betta Than You

Anjulie Persaud is a Juno award winning, Platinum selling, Canadian recording artist. Her songs reflect her passion for women’s rights and are often based around themes of empowerment, self actualization and courage.

The award winning Canadian pop singer and lyricist has been becoming very popular on the world stage. She has been steadily improving over the years, writing songs for other artists, and releasing her own music.

Anjulie remembers being told - Dey Ain't No Betta Than You

Anjulie Persaud – photo – Facebook

She has written for Nicki Minaj, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, Icona Pop, Cher Lloyd, Hedley, Fefe Dobson, Kreesha Turner, Zedd and Diplo.

The Oakville, Ontario native is pleased with her Indo-Guyanese heritage which gives her great pride, however, her racial background presented obstacles during her early years in school.

These difficulties gave her added fuel to propel towards success.  Her tenacity and determination allowed her to crash through these racial and other barriers —she is now one of the fastest growing Canadian musicians.

Anjulie’s love for performing was primarily inspired by Janet Jackson.  After watching Janet perform on her Velvet Rope Tour, Anjulie was convinced that she wanted to be a music performer as well.

She began writing music when she was a teenager. She released Unfabulous and More with Joh Levine. Over the years, she has written songs for several artists. She wrote Kreesha Turner’s Don’t Call Me Baby which was a top ten song in Canadian Hot 100 and the top song on the Dance Chart on US Billboard. The song was awarded a SOCAN Pop/Rock Music Award in 2009. She helped write I Want You by Fefe Dobson.

In 2010 she was awarded the Anokhi Award for her single, Brand New Bitch, which sold more than eighty thousand digital copies in Canada after its release and became a platinum certified single. The song got her a Dance Recording of the Year nomination at the Juno Awards in 2012. That year, she toured various cites of Canada such as Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Thunder Bay, Vancouver etc to promote her song, You and I. The single won her a Dance Recording of the Year award at the 2013 Juno Awards.  She is signed under Republic Records.

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Anjulie takes on blogging.  Her first blog post in Canadian Women’s Foundation —Self-Esteem 101: Dey Ain’t No Betta than You — tells of a riveting childhood story. Thankfully, this incident and others have not prevented her from becoming successful in life.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Anjulie remembers being told - Dey Ain't No Betta Than You“As far as childhoods go, I had an incredible one. Just being a girl born in North America is a winning lotto ticket many would like to have. On top of that I had incredible parents, a brother and sisters I adore and admire, a place to live that was safe and secure and plenty of amazing Guyanese home cooking.

But I never would have had the courage to pursue my dreams and follow my passion if I hadn’t had that lesson. I never would have been able to move to New York and play guitar in the subways and lobbies of record companies until somebody listened. I would never have had the ambition to audition for a label that had just signed Paul McCartney, play and sing in their office, and become their second signing. I would never have had the balls to walk up to Dr. Dre, put my headphones on him and force him to listen to my demo.”

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By Karl A. Haughton



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