Ani Villas, the Definition of Modern Luxury in Anguilla

Perched solitarily atop a spectacular limestone cliff in The Valley, Anguilla, the remarkably unique Ani Villas Luxury Resort is a picture of contemporary Caribbean style and modern luxury. With its waving palms and meandering stone paths, Ani Villas features a two acre estate with multiple large infinity pools and their smaller offshoots, glistening in a long line of perfect Anguilla sunrises.

Ani Villas

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If you’re looking for a more exclusive and pampered vacation experience for yourself, your family, or a small group — Ani is the perfect match. Further, the property is also perfect for hosting weddings (for a fraction of the cost of many options in the United States), an amazing week with a few of your favourite couples, or that extra special family reunion you’ve been meaning to have. All you have to do is contact your travel agency for full arrangements.

Ani Rooms

The rooms at Ani Villas offer magnificent views of the mesmerizing Anguilla sunsets and the beautiful turquoise waters of Crocus Bay complete with wooden wall accents, textured rugs, balconies with seating areas, and spacious bathrooms featuring rain showers and even separate whirlpool tubs. All the rooms offer world class amenities and luxury. From the luxuriously oversized Master Suites to the smaller bedrooms, Ani rooms are a picture of elegance.

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The ground floor is basically a ‘common area ‘consisting of superbly designed amenities including a well outfitted kitchen, a dining area, a serene sitting area and another bathroom. Further, the floor also features glass walls for connecting the luxe interior with the luxe exterior.

The Ultimate in Full Service Luxury

Ani Villas offer a full complement of trained, friendly staff that will see to your every need. For those who can afford it — a personal butler and cook may also be stationed at your service.  At Ani, everything’s tailor-made specifically for you. With the highest level of personal service, the property manager, Felix, has everything arranged for you. From brunch and gourmet dinners to accompaniment off the exquisite estate, Ani has it all covered.

Amenities and Services

The Villas at Ani offer a unique and splendid country-style yet, modern and sophisticated experience. Imagine relaxing by the pool while the trade winds rustle the surrounding trees high atop the sounds of goats and sheep cresting a nearby hill and large sea birds crowing in the distance. All that, mixed with the modern and tasty treats of island cocktails and other delights.

Ani Villas

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The resort also offers a wider range of professional services including spa, massage, sports and personal exercise training. Depending on your package, you can have access to the entire staffing team to attend to your needs.

Pampered Luxury Vacations

Of course, not everyone wants to lounge by the pool all day. For the more active, Ani offers a wonderful array of activities including the property’s secret treat: Little Bay – a secluded, tiny strip of sand roughly 40 feet long nestled in the recesses of the tall, yellow cliffs.

ani villas

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As an extension of the exclusive experience at the villas, you can also trek along the beach as far as you wish as all beaches in Anguilla are public. All you have to do is select the beach of your choice from Anguilla’s many white sand options and the staff will literally bring the amenities with you!

All Inclusive Packages

The entire 10-bedroom estate with two fully serviced villas can be rented as a whole, or as two separate five-bedroom units. Each of Àni Villas’ luxury homes are fully outfitted with their own pools, hot tubs, kitchens, indoor and outdoor dining areas, lounges and decks.

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Your chosen package will also reflect in your staffing complement. An all-inclusive package features a full service team including concierge, butler, chef, housekeepers and security with rates inclusive of all breakfasts, dinner chef service, as well all beverages consumed in the home.

How Do I Get There?

While vacationing at Ani Villas can provide a wonderful experience, getting there can be a tiresome and unnecessarily painful bother if you attempt to make the arrangements yourself. With the help of a full service travel agency however, you can eliminate the worries and focus on the more important aspects of your vacation. This is where MJ Travel Group takes over.

MJ Travel Group is a complete, 24/7 service travel agency that will cater to your every request, creating a personalised, professional and flexible travel experience that is simply second to none — affordable, yet substantial. If you’re interested in vacationing at Ani Resorts or anywhere in the Caribbean for that matter, contact MJ Travel Group today!

Ani Villas is an undisputed picture of modern luxury, Caribbean style; and that’s just a slice of what awaits you. The Ani Villas, beaches, and other Anguillan attractions on your entire trip will prove even more special than you can imagine.

Are you ready to book your flight to the Caribbean’s best collection of remarkable villas in one of the world’s most exotic locations? Contact MJ Travel Group today, they will cater to your personalised and hassle-free travel experience.

sunset in Nevis

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