Anglican Church in the Caribbean: No to Same Sex Marriage


Archdeacon Valentine Hodge

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN):  The Head of the Anglican Church in St. Kitts and Nevis Archdeacon Valentine Hodge is making it clear that the Church does not support gay marriage, or condone a homosexual lifestyle.

"I can only speak…on the behalf of the Anglican Church which is the church in the province of the West Indies…um at the moment we cannot marry in church two people of the same sex…We believe in indissoluble monogamous marriage that is something which should last for life.. indissoluble.. and, we also believe that it is something between a man and a woman," the Archdeacon said, speaking on WINN FM's Breakfast Show Thursday.

"We are not into same sex union in the province in the Caribbean, although we find that the Episcopal and the Church of Canada have been very much into that, but we haven’t reached that stage as yet and I think that we [aren’t] going to in the foreseeable future given our constitution of the province of the West Indies. We are really holding on to the biblical tradition and there are certain passages of scripture like Romans Chapter One…that very clearly [says] what’s enunciated in terms of marriage."

The Archdeacon said that the issue of the rights’ of homosexuals and lesbians was one of the law and theology.  

"The legal arguments knock out the theological ones almost immediately.  If it becomes gay rights or it becomes a justice issue then of course that is a situation with its own stamp, its own character, and its own thought patterns and everybody wishes to have people feel free, free to be able to do the things that they want to do within limits and so from a legal position we are going to find that if it becomes a justice issue we don’t have a leg to stand on with respect to the church’s position because that takes it immediately out of our theological perspective," the Archdeacon said.

"Yes people should have the right to do whatever, the right to freedom to engage in whatever activity they wish to engage in  but we in the church bring our people back to the point of doing God’s will and that ‘s the big thing. I know that in other parts of the Caribbean you’ve had the decriminalization of homosexuality and that’s consenting adults, it’s not a crime, but that doesn't mean it’s not a sin."  Read more here!



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