Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright and Mitt Romney what do they have in common?

For The Politicians

"Vote me in mek me sweep them out clean."

Over the period of her adult life, the Clarendon-born Andrea Wright’s professional pursuits spanned several professions– teaching, computer technician, market/social researcher, sales person,actor and entrepreneur. After a number of years teaching in the primary school system, Andrea came on board with Paul O. Beale as an actress in 1989. Since then, Andrea has appeared in Mus Mus Tail, Granny Rule 1 & 2, Missa Dweet Nice, Delcita and Stamma, Di Driver, Money Worries, The Xtortionistz,The Plumber and Ova Mi Dead Body. 

The character, Delcita, was born in 1996 when she appeared in the play Mr Dweet Nice. Andrea “Delcita” Wright, as she is aptly known is one of the most powerful actors in the Jamaica; in fact the Caribbean theatre scene. She has a very large fan base and this has made her the first box office Jamaican female who can, and she does so quite easily, rival any of her male counter parts. In addition to being an actress, Andrea Wright is a trained teacher and a certified counselor.

The Delcita character is a sometimes disfigured, loud, rotten-toothed lady and is well played by Andrea Wright. Andrea made her theatrical debut as an old woman in the play Mus Mus Tail. For a long while she also played the role Pumpkin in Granny Rule, another character that became a popular fixture in Jamaican theatre. The Delcita character was re-launched in 2008 in Di Driver, where Andrea played alongside Keith 'Shebada' Ramsay. Since then, she has done Money Worries, The Xtortionistz, The Plumber, and Ova Mi Dead Body.

In the The Politicians, Delcita is “fed-up” with the current state of politics and misrepresentation by politicians and so decides to go into politics herself to demonstrate good governance. Some or her camaign words are "Vote me in mek mi sweep them out clean."

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Andrea was the first person to have played Delcita Coldwater – a character who was created by Paul O. Beale in 1993. In addition, Andrea is responsible for the popularity of the very popular Pumpkin (from Granny Rule) and Miss Agnis from an earlier work. Below are things to know about Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright”. 


1. Complete the following: I am a…
Genuine and jovial big-eyed girl.

2. Who has been your inspiration?
Fae Ellington, Princess Diana and my grandmother.

3. Tell us one thing about yourself that people would be surprised to know.
I am very shy.

4. How would you spend US $25M?
Charity, real estate and travelling around the world.

5. Looking back, is there anything you would do differently?
Read Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys.

6. Describe your perfect date.
Under a big tree next to the sea.

7. What’s your favourite comic strip/cartoon character?
Olive and Popeye.

8. Do you plan to get married?
I don’t plan to but it’s my wish.

9. What’s the best thing you’ve ever done for somebody without being asked?
Sent cash as a present to a single mom.

10. Cornmeal pudding or black forest cake?
Cornmeal pudding.

11. What gets under your skin?
A poor conversationalist, deception and official documents with grammatical errors.

12. How do you relieve stress?
Visiting the rural area and spending at least 24 hours.

13. Which family member is likely to call you at 2:00 am?
My cousin Wendy in Canada.



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