Alexia Davidson – from Hampton High School in Jamaica to Yale-NUS College in Singapore

Often times upon leaving high school, for Jamaicans going to a local university (University of Technology or University of the West Indies) or migrating to the United States or the United Kingdom for college. A minority of Jamaicans take the leap of faith to journey to other countries for schooling even though institutions in countries such as Austria, Norway, Germany and Singapore give international students many study opportunities.

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Alexia Davidson, soon to be graduate of Hampton high school for girls in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica has been awarded for her academic achievements with a scholarship to Yale-NUS next academic year for the remainder of her tertiary undergraduate schooling. The scholarship is worth thirty-seven thousand USD per year.

“She has now done what no Jamaican has ever done — to get into a college where the acceptance rate is less than three per cent,” Dr. Minott, renowned Jamaican academician of A-Quest, and Alexia’s mentor said.


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Yale-NUS University is one such school who takes the top performing international students under their wings and develops them into upstanding, brilliant leaders of the world. The Yale-NUS, the brainchild of the partnership between the National University of Singapore and Yale University, accepts only the brightest and the best students in the world. Over the few years since inception, the prestigious university has made a name for themselves and their region culturally, socially and economically.

“The amazing thing is that the lateral flow of new awareness works not only between colleagues and from students to faculty but across courses, so that whatever is happening in one course can shed an interesting oblique light on another course. The connections are countless and continual, and reinforce the sense of the entire common curriculum as a big and complex but collective learning enterprise.” –Prof Rajeev Patke, Director of Humanities, Yale-NUS.

With her ten distinctions and two credits in CSEC examinations and six distinctions in CAPE, she sets the stage for many of her Jamaican and international peers. She has achieved distinctions in subjects such as Agricultural Science, Spanish, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Information Technology, Human and Social Biology, Mathematics, Integrated Science and Principles of Business. She received credits in English A and Religious Education. At CAPE level unit one, she achieved grade ones in Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry and Communication Studies, while she scored twos in Spanish and Pure Mathematics.

She found that it was easy to sail through her GSAT and her years at high school, as she consistently kept her grade point average above eighty-five percent and through her sixth form above ninety. She was always on the honour roll and in sixth form was a part of the high school’s highest academic strand ‘Ladies of the Round Table’.

“Alexia is in fact the only sixth form girl this year on my Ladies of The Round Table, with an average of ninety per cent or more,” said Murray, Principal of Hampton girl’s high school.

However, Dr. Minott thought that Alexia’s personality was another attribute to her sealing a spot at Yale-NUS University next academic year.

Her mother has been an excellent guiding force for the young adult, providing lots of support where needed in her schooling and welfare. Alexia, the eighteen year old leader, sees this next chapter of her life as a stepping stone to achieving greater. Although she wants to pursue a degree in Computer Science and go on to work with Google or Apple, she sees getting into the prestigious school as her first dream come true.

Fact Sheet for Yale-NUS University

Background and history

  1. Established in: 2011
  2. Founding institutions: Yale University and the National University of Singapore
  3. Length of study: 4 years in a residential college
  4. Location: 6, College Avenue East, Singapore 138614, Singapore
  5. Estimated size at steady state (2016): 250 Students per Class, 100 Faculty, 200 Staff
  6. Vision and Mission: A community of learning, Founded by two great universities, In Asia, for the world.


  1. Basis for selection: We practice holistic admissions. As we read every application, these are the things we look out for: • Academic achievement • Intellectual curiosity • Entrepreneurial spirit • Leadership • Community engagement • A sense of adventure

Student Body

  1. Male students: 45% 9. Female students: 55%
  2. Singaporean and Permanent Resident-International students’ ratio: 60:40
  3. Student-Faculty ratio: 4:1
  4. Average class size: 18-20

By Alexandra Daley



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