Africa Calling, Jahsmin Daley’s Latest Release, is truly uplifting

Africa Calling, Jahsmin Daley's Latest Release, is truly uplifting

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Multi-talented Jahsmin Daley recently released Africa Calling  to audiences all over the world. The song talks about a Race with rich cultural heritage that has been disconnected from its roots for too long.

Africa Calling speaks of the more than five hundred years of disconnect from Africa and the evidence of injustice by law enforcement and economic systems within North America, which disenfranchise people of African descent.

“As we can see during our everyday lives; the media airs some of the injustices from police and the political system. This invariably leads to the protests from people of African descent, the song implies that it is evident that, Africa Calling,” says her manager.

Africa Calling, Jahsmin Daley's Latest Release, is truly uplifting

Photo by Ayse Kapaklili Cover design by Paul Murton CEO of DBS Duplication.

Jahsmin Daley is a singer/songwriter who has been growing.  Jahsmin Daley is now a household name Canada and other parts of the world because of the steady progress she has made with her conscious lyrics and beautiful cover renditions of songs like To Sir with Love, Chasing Rainbows, If You Don’t Love Me, Say You, Thing Called Love, and Hold On.

Her unique and captivating melodies are paramount in her performances. The passion and conviction of her voice stems from her many years of singing in church as a youngster.  “Jahsmin’s music appeals to the beauty within oneself, which from birth is home to the truest part of each individual, the essence of this beauty being ‘Love’. She shares this love in her songs and invites listeners to do the same.”

Jahsmin has been carving her niche in the music industry and the alluring support from fans in Canada and around the world is a testament to her artistry.

AFRICA CALLING was recorded in Toronto Canada, Produced by mountain edge music productions, and recorded at Slamm Recording Studios and Mountain edge music Productions.

Jahsmin Daley in association with Mountain Edge Music Productions is working on her third album. She will be featured in a documentary on top Reggae Divas in Canada soon to be released.

Africa Calling adds another of her wonderful songs that will captivate listeners worldwide.

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By Karl A. Haughton



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