Affairs of the Heart

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My heart is full,
and it’s about to bust!
Oh Lord, oh Lord,
Who can I trust?

I’ve loved and lost.
Or was it really love after all-
Would it have been better…
Not to have loved at all?

Unconditional, so she thought,
But when the strings finally became undone,
The puppet decided to use her tongue.
Shocked and surprise at what she had to say…
They said, “save your stories for another day!”

My heart is full.
And all I can do is pray-
Speak to me Lord…
For I’m lost and in doubt,
And don’t have the words to say.

Welcome to reality;
Let me introduce you to life.
What are your aspirations?
Well, I aspire to be a mother and a very good wife.
Sit down, it’s time you learn the facts-
You must always be prepared to have your own back.

Remember, beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing;
they speak the same truth.
Lips of flattery,
And a boastful tongue.
Girl, come over here,
Let me show you how it’s done.

Your ideas are bright,
But I’ll need to shed a bit more light!
I’ll make it seem easy,
As long as you appease me-
Go against the grain…
And they’ll be nothing for you to gain.

My heart is full,
And they say it’s my own fault.
Collateral damage!
Words being used…
As a deadly weapon of assault.

I’ve heard it all before, it’s nothing new.
Just the test and trials we all go through…
At times I may bend, but I will never break!
I must stand tall-
For my own sake.

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2015
©Copyright 2015. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.



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