Who We Are 

The West Indian Military Members Association (“WIAMMA”) was found in 1996 by a group of Caribbean military members who wanted to educate others about the contributions that members have made and continue to make to the United States; celebrate their accomplishments; and acknowledge the continuous sacrifices of members and their families.   
“American” was added to the association name to reflect our patriotism because most members, their spouses, children and family are American citizens.  In addition, Americans from all backgrounds support our mission; therefore we consider them a part of the WIAMMA family.
Our Mission 
The purpose of WIAMMA is to promote awareness about the cultures and histories of WestIndian people; educate the general public about contributions West Indian-Americans continue to make to the United States Military; and provide an environment to encourage and support current and retired armed service members and their families.   
Our Principles 
Our principles are accomplished by engaging in cultural exchanges; participating in diversity programs; sponsoring education and artistic forums; raising funds; and honoring and celebrating our ethnic and social contributions recognized in the United States in the month of June, which is proclaimed by the President of the United States, our Commander in Chief, as the National Caribbean-American Heritage Month.   
An Acknowledgement  
In 2005, Andrews Air Force Base, now Joint Base Andrews, afforded us the official opportunity to operate on the base as a non-profit.   WIAMMA members will continue to exhibit our strength, leadership, determination, and patriotism in this and all other capacities and forums.
Meet our Members at http://www.wiamma.com/memberspage.html
Contact Us at http://www.wiamma.com/contactus.html
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