Abigail Grant and Junior Williams shine brightly in The Politicians

Abigail ‘Babalita’ Grant is fast becoming one of the hottest new things in Jamaican Theatre. Abigail made her theatrical debut in Ashe’s production of Curfew but her first appearance on the commercial theatre scene was in the hit play, Bashment Granny, produced by Stages’ Productions.In this play Grant immediately captured the hearts of patrons as the vivacious and outspoken Babalita. Grant is a talented and fiery young rising star that is set to make waves in the theatre industry. She began her theatre career working as a stage manager but has evolved along the way as she took to the stage and embraced the lives of the characters she has been asked to play. Grant has held down roles in such plays as Shebada Comes to Town, Like Father Like Son, Below the Waist, Serious Business, Ghett Out, and Double Dose. In this latest production, The Politicians, Grant plays a go-getter reporter turned political campaign manager who is in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship.

Junior Williams a graduate of the Ardenne High School in Kingston, Jamaica. He began his acting career in 1997 with the role of Pastor Hoodine in Paul Beale’s “Granny Rule 2”.  Following this he was casted for My Daughter’s Mistake. Williams’ career blossomed after that as he took to the stage and screen with a fervent commitment that has grown with him over the years. His works include short films /movies – Jealous to Death; Maternal Instinct; Only Love Knows; Desperate Decisions, and Bashment Granny – The Movie and a host of stage plays that are inclusive of: Love Him Den Bun Him, Dutty Wine, Deportee, Below the Waist, Bashment Granny 2, Serious Business, Ghett Out, among others. Williams is widely known by his recently got stage name – ‘Half-a-dog’. His acting credits also include roles in TV drama / comedy series – The Jamaicans and Joint Tenants.

This versatile and talented actor also has to his credit experience in technical theatre having performed as stage manager for both Ghett Out and Double Dose. He has played many a diverse role including a transvestite. He has performed with Blue Mountain Theatre (England), Pragmatic Productions and now with Stages Productions. His commitment and passion for his work makes his characters loveable and real to life.  This is very much evident in his portrayal of Ras ImanI that he plays with such conviction and energy in this current production – The Politicians.  Rass Iman-I believes himself and his Bobo Central Party to be the salvation that the country is long in need of. He bases his manifesto on the teachings and principles of Rastafarianism and is fanatical about his desire to be the change for the country.



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