Abeena Samm striving to nurture a more peaceful world

“I hope to inspire people to live a more peaceful, abundant life,” Abeena Samm.

There is great truth to the saying ‘we live and we learn’ and throughout life we make our decisions, mistakes and memories along the way on the journey to greatness. Often times we have the desire to give back to our world, leaving it better than when we once came; and very few have the ability to touch the lives of others through healing.

Abeena Samm is one such person, as it was through many of life’s lessons that she realized the powerful healing of her soul – by the power of her lyrics. So much so that in 2000 she registered her name as a business in order to help others to heal, educate and inspire the process of healing under the formation of the organization “Recognize Your Face”.

Abeena Samm striving to nurture a more peaceful world

Abeena Samm

The multitalented singer and songwriter also has a few hidden talents as she plays the guitar, bass and has the rhythm at her fingertips as a Djembe drummer.

big quote marksMy music described in five words: Positive, Soulful, Deep, prophetic and Inspiring.”


In 2002 she released her first single CD entitled ‘Cry’ which got a nomination for the Urban Music Association Canada Awards in Best New Artist and Best R&B Soul, as well as placing first in the Kingdom Covenant Centre Song writing contest for her song ‘Deeper Life’. The following year she released ‘Walking or Talking’, another single CD. Her third single came in 2004  and ‘Time Will Tell’ featured on morning shows and throughout the subsequent years she developed her talents performing in various renowned jazz festivals, parades and shows— Some of which were the ‘Carassauga Festival’, ‘Albert Campbell Square (Rotunda)’ and the Canadian Christian College Christmas Concert.

2009 marked the year she performed at the Africaville Productions; while being nominated for the Guyana Awards, Harry Jerome Awards and the Marty Awards. She was also 1 of the 10 runner-ups for Drew Marshall’s Show ‘So you think God wants you to sing’.

Abeena is highly recognized for her moving poetry performances; she is featured in poetry books, and is in demand for readings at various functions. Although she’s a singer, Abeena considers writing to be the biggest part of her career.

Abeena Samm and ‘Recognize Your Face’ Marketplace Ministry launched their concert series ‘A message of hope’ to heal educate and redirect others as an artist and ultimately a business in 2006. In 2008 she spearheaded the biweekly Sunday Lounge held at Tropical Nights in Mississauga and during the Christmas volunteered from group and nursing homes to coffee houses. Her business and Samm then went on to host a 2 day extravaganza at Second Cup and Chapters bookstore to commemorate Black History Month. If that wasn’t enough, Samm partnered with St. Leonard’s place to host a fundraiser for United Way.

Samm and Recognize Your Face are  re-defining and developing into an even stronger brand and talents; while launching her new book, Mirror Mirror.

Abeena Samm striving to nurture a more peaceful world

Mirror Mirror is a morning inspiration book that has the potential to go worldwide.  It is a very unique ideal with the ability to reach many.

It is written for people of all ages and walks of life. Its message of love and kindness will soothe the hearts and minds of those who love life and those who are not in the best of spirits.

According to Abeena, “My book has gotten very good reviews from those who behold it!  It is simply put together, because of its simple message: Love.”

“It’s 2016 we are ready for action, great partnerships, and an abundant life,” Abeena Samm.

Keep in touch with Abeena at abeenasamm.com

By Alexandra Daley



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