A Two Day Nightlife Itinerary in St. Maarten

What to Do In St. Maarten, A Two Day Nightlife Itinerary

Unlike exhilarating cities such as Las Vegas or Buenos Aries, the Caribbean is not well known for its nightlife. Still, there are various Caribbean countries that exude the kind of nightly activities that can rival the best in the world.

At present, St. Maarten’s nightlife is regarded as one of the liveliest in the Caribbean. St. Maarten is a small French speaking country in the Lesser Antilles. In fact, St. Maarten has more bars per capita than any of the islands in Caribbean. Here, visitors sip on quiet sunset cocktailsand go after-hours boogieing.

Popular Attractions

The face of St. Maarten transforms at night, especially in the Philipsburg area around the Front Street. Here, Beach bars are the centres of music and excitement. Further on the Orient Bay, most restaurants hostlive bands as well as arrange happy hours and hold nightly events such as barbecues and cook-ups.

Apart from beach bars, there are relaxing scows, flashy discos and a variety of casinos that welcome you wholeheartedly. If you are considering visiting St. Maarten, we would like to suggest a two night itinerary for enjoying the glamorous St. Maarten.

Night-1: First, celebrate your arrival on St. Maarten’s shores in some of the exotic locations in and around Pelican Key, a place very near to the Simpson Bay. Here, you’ll find the famous Flamingo Resort, the Hollywood Casino, and a renowned French eatery, the Red Piano in this area. This place hosts live music 7 days a week and the bar opens at 7 p.m. and never closes until it is 3a.m.

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Next, take a sip of the best and most inspiring selections of drinks and spirits on St. Maarten. You’ll love the fabulous cocktails, impeccable service, stunning ambience and excellent entertainment offered at the bar. This is the hangout where visitors and locals spend their late night together.

Night-2: Night two, you’ll need to turn up the heat. Having familiarized yourself with the island, you can now venture out to Maho during the late afternoon. The Sunset Bar and Grill is an excellent hangout to spend your evening here. This beach bar has been voted as one of the Top 3 beach bars in the world! The lovely sunset, lively music and perhaps a green flash would soothe your soul. Maho Bay is St. Maarten’s major resort area. Here, you can even witness planes take off and land from the nearby airport.

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The experience will be so awesome that one would get a feeling of being in a mini Las Vegas. With its plethora of galleries, restaurants and casinos, the place gives you fond memories to take home. Some of the lucky travellers may even make a little fortune before they come out of these casinos. Some of the cruises that sail across also have casinos onboard.

If you have time, you can also celebrate St. Maarten among the tempting locations in the Simpson Bay. Privé, the Hookah and Sky lounge is a popular spot that is within walking distance from the renowned Atrium Resort, Flamingo Resort, La Vista, Royal Palm, etc. The world famous Marina Del Sol, Simpson Bay Yacht Club and the La Palapa Marina are all housed within this area.

Indeed, St. Maarten is a very special after-dark location. As sun gets down, the vivid nightlife options open up in this perpetual spring break island that will bring forth a Caribbean experience like no other.

By: Norvan Martin



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