9 Words that describe the CARIBBEAN

How do you really get the words to describe these varied islands within the region of the Caribbean Sea?

9 Words that describe the CARIBBEAN

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Each island brings its unique traits, yet there is something, an essence that is present among the citizens of these islands which creates that unique Caribbean identity.

There is:

CURIOSITY is an eagerness to know that pervades these isles. Many of the islands have even derived nice little ‘in-house terms’ to describe this innate curiosity. One such term is the colloquial term ‘maco,’ which may be used to describe neighbours, who might live nearby or even miles and miles away. This curiosity though is one that is fondly accepted as part of what makes this region what it is.

ADAGES are abundant in the Caribbean and if you have not been exposed to it, fear not for ‘what hasn’t met you hasn’t passed you’ or ‘soon come, soon come’ … just two of the ways that it might be explained in the Caribbean that you will probably be exposed to it eventually.

RILEY is used to describe a luxurious or carefree existence. Sure like everywhere else there are the daily stresses of life and yet it remains that relatively speaking there is this air of relaxation that can be felt within all the islands.

INGENIOUS is what you think if you have ever had the pleasure of hearing someone from the Caribbean tell a story. This is whether it is in the spoken word as with Paul Keens Douglas, or within print as with Derek Walcott and V.S. Naipaul.

 9 Words that describe the CARIBBEAN

BECOMING describes the current state of all the islands. Even with all the varied achievements, the individual islands of the Caribbean are quite young, and so they all hold lots of promise, both independently and as a group.

9 Words that describe the CARIBBEAN

BEEFY refers to the physical structure of many of these peoples, but more so to the inherent strength embedded with the people of the Caribbean. It is this strength that allows them to go on to the world stage and play their part with passion.

9 Words that describe the CARIBBEAN

ENERGY coming out of this region is simply electrifying! It is felt by many who have enjoyed the music of artistes like Bob Marley, Rhianna and Nicki Minaj. And those who have visited during the Carnival season can attest to this and add names of other artistes.

9 Words that describe the CARIBBEAN

ADOPTING is what it feels like once accepted by the peoples of the Caribbean. As a people they have an uncanny way of making those they have come to respect and admire feel quite at home.

NUGGET definitely accurately embodies what this region called the Caribbean is. The Caribbean is like a store-house of wealth in the form of untapped physical and human resources. And when one thinks of this region one thing is for sure, it has much to offer in time to come.

9 Words that describe the CARIBBEAN

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