7 reasons why we do things in STYLE

It takes seven days to make one week. During those seven days, after a while, we develop a certain way of doing things, certain habits, rituals and routines that basically form our lifestyle.

The way in which we choose to conduct or live our lives is our lifestyle. Generally, we are married to our lifestyle for better or for worse. When we discover that our lifestyle is not quite working for us, we divorce certain behaviours, habits, and attitudes and adopt others to form a new and improved lifestyle.

7 reasons why we do things in STYLEDaily, within our lifestyle, we generally do things in STYLE. Just recently, I overheard a conversation between two ladies where one commented on the other’s original style of cooking that was notable in how she flavoured her meals. Our STYLE or our way of being and doing things makes its way into all areas of our lives.  Here are seven reminders when choosing our STYLE:

  1. We wear our STYLE

Since we wear our STYLE, which is our way of being, and doing things, it eventually shows. It is in our own best interest to make sure that our STYLE keeps its focus on our strengths.  It should focus on things that encourage us to keep our chins up, not in a proud way, but in a confident, knowing, resolute way and moving throughout our day doing our best with what we have, where we are, and as best we can. It’s about Positive Psychology.

  1. Our STYLE is Earthbound

While there are plans to send people to Mars and populate that planet in time to come, for the most part, we are earthbound creatures. We depend on our Earth to supply some very basic nutrients for our survival, so whether #gogreen is a fad or not, it might make much sense to become environmentally friendly. It’s about being eco-friendly.

  1. Our STYLE evolves

7 reasons why we do things in STYLE

As humans, we learn something new each and every day.  This goes way beyond what we can learn from a book or Google. Life is a schoolhouse. Each time we gain new information and understandings, it is natural to want to make adjustments to our thinking, habits and other things. To do anything else is to stifle our STYLE from developing and reflecting the new person we can become.  It’s about progression.

  1. Our STYLE is original

Someone saw an eco-friendly tee recently, and asked how that symbol could be a ‘Y.’ The person, understanding that STYLE is all about being unique said, because it is the ‘Y.’ That is how it is with each of us, once we have the ‘why?’ behind our choices, we do not need to justify, but simply to state what is our take on the matter. It’s about originality.

7 reasons why we do things in STYLE

STYLE tees are made from strictly environmentally friendly materials such as 100% organic cotton, recycled polyester blends and organic cotton. These particular STYLE ladies’ tees are made from HEMP.

  1. Our STYLE is built on relationships

Anything that we choose to do or not to do, or the routines we decide on, or our habits are all based on our relationship with something. It could be our relationship with our thoughts, our bodies, people in our family, in our communities, our relationship with food, traffic, sleep, you name it. Because of this, when we find ways to strengthen relationships that work for us and ways to weaken those relationships that do not work for us, our STYLE wins. It’s about building happy healthy relationships.

7 reasons why we do things in STYLE

  1. Our STYLE is youthful

In the words of Taylor Swift, “we never go out of STYLE, at least when we remain open to observing the trends and times. Of course, our choice of STYLE and lifestyle remains entirely our choice. We can keep our STYLE current when it works in what is happening today. For example, those who might have known the age of the gamma phone have kept their STYLE youthful by adjusting and learning new technologies. It’s about vibrancy and youthfulness.

7 reasons why we do things in STYLE

  1. Our STYLE respects rest & recovery

No matter what type of pace we take on in our lifestyle, we maintain our health and well-being when we appreciate that all STYLE and lifestyles need a period of rest and recovery. Rest and recovery can take many forms. It might be a stroll on the beach, yoga, and meditation, or watching beautiful art, or even reading a motivating printed tee that re-energizes us to rest a bit and then go again.  It’s about being rested, recovered and re-energized.

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