7 Fitness Tips designed just for you

7 Fitness Tips designed just for you

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If we lived in a perfect world where people maintain a balanced diet while enjoying a nice dessert; are fit, moisturized and hydrated with time to balance school, work, and leisure, everything would be grand. However, we live in a world where we regret eating that slice of cake, (because we have to maintain a good relationship with our fitness trainers) and have to calorie count and set reminders to drink water.

While we are all trying to fight a struggle for water intake, fitness, or eating healthy, here are seven tips to stay healthy and manage stress, other tips will come later.

  • Plan an exercise regimen

For some people exercise is a leisure activity or a way to cope, etc., but for others, exercise becomes a task that we have to do so that we can not only get in shape and stay fit but reap the benefits like eating that extra slice of cake (yes I love cake lol).

So why not just create an exercise regimen and make it a routine to target your trouble areas, and get into the habit of staying healthy.

Try a 5 x 30 routine. Jog, dance, walk, bike, swim or do yoga for three to five times a week for thirty minutes.

  • Set small fitness goals

Setting small fitness goals is recommended by anyone in the fitness profession. It’s similar to going vegan, you don’t want to just get up and go vegan suddenly because you will have withdrawal symptoms which causes you to give up on the lifestyle change altogether. So, you might want to start off with small, attainable and realistic goals which are set with your ultimate goal in mind. Aim for consistency rather than having an intensive workout on a daily basis which leads to burnout. It’s better to walk daily for 10-20 minutes than exercising for three hours non-stop in one day (I know I wouldn’t want to go back and the burnout would not appeal to me).

  • Distract yourself from the task at hand

Listening to music is something practiced by many when going to the gym or doing some form of exercise and trust me, the time runs off when you’re listening to your favorite song or podcast. However, try not to associate making exercise a bad connotation so when you hear your favorite song you immediately start hating it and exercise. Rather, associate the happy feeling you have with your song to that of being invigorated to start exercising, you will see how much better you feel.

  • Be Patient

Rome was not built in day folks. Don’t set unrealistic expectations like you will lose ten pounds in a week, I mean, if it were that simple then everyone would have killer bodies and personal trainers would be out of business.

Be patient with your time, energy and most importantly your body. Like I said, start off small and eventually, you will see the changes taking place with a little consistency and determination. Stick to it!

  • Remember to warm up and down, and breathe

While just getting to the task at hand is on the minds of most people when they go to exercise, you should also make every effort to stretch those muscles before and after you exercise. You’ll thank me later.

  • Recruit a fitness or accountability partner

Going to exercise with friends can be both rewarding and hilarious. You will also see your bond grow as you both overcome this feat together and gradually it will become easier to get in shape as time progresses. There is nothing better than having a friend beside you to mutually support as you not only get in shape but keep in shape.

  • Switch your exercises up
7 Fitness Tips designed just for you

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Doing one exercise every day can become mundane and truth be told not everyone likes the same boring old thing every day, especially if you already don’t want to do it in the first place. Try doing something different every time you exercise for the week. Before you know it you will have a balanced exercise regimen where you can target certain areas and you’ll be crossing off those fitness goals in no time.

Go at your own pace, not your friends, family, or even the trainer’s pace, and make sure you are happy with the progress you’re making over the long term. Remember to have fun guys! Exercise doesn’t have to be as difficult or mind-numbing as some people make it or perceive it.

By Alexandra Daley



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