60 College Acceptances for high school seniors, Deprice and Shaprice Hunt

60 College Acceptances for high school seniors, Deprice and Shaprice Hunt

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quote marksNever give up…Picture your future, not only to make yourself proud but make your family proud….No matter your race or background, every child should have an opportunity to go to college.” – Shaprice Hunt in an interview with the Huffington Post.

With the rise in the season of colleges choosing who to accept come September 2016, the applicant can become nervous as well as feel overwhelmed when awaiting their fate; this a new book in their chapter of life. However, this is not the case for two applicants of the Uplift Community High School in the state of Chicago. Nineteen year old twins Deprice and Shaprice Hunt have accomplished what anyone would call astonishing.

Applying to colleges is never the tough part (even though it can be stressful at times), it’s receiving even one acceptance letter is the most anxiety provoking. But how about receiving sixty-two acceptances? Yes. Sixty-two acceptances combined.

60 College Acceptances for high school seniors, Deprice and Shaprice Hunt

Photo – nbc news

The twins were always overachievers throughout their time at their high school; they were rewarded for their activism, sports, academic performance attendance and were on the Dean’s List. To this day they boast a total of forty-eight awards as their work ethic and dedication to their education and extra-curricular activities do not go unnoticed.

The high school seniors got a total of 62 acceptances letters; 27 for Deprice and the remaining 35 for Shaprice. Phenomenal isn’t it? That’s not all, they achieved more than US$1.6 million in scholarship offers.

“There were a couple of schools I knew I would get into and a couple where it was like, ‘Wow, this is exciting…. It kept getting better and better, and I just got more excited.” – Deprice told NBC.

Of the numerous acceptances, Western Kentucky University, University of Alabama, Howard University, and Northern Illinois University, were among them. Shaprice applied to fifty schools and got into twenty-five while Deprice got into twenty-seven of twenty-nine; both applied to twenty-five of the same schools.

Deprice has decided to go to his dream school, where he stated that he felt most comfortable attending: Morehouse College. Morehouse College is an all-male, historically, black institution situated in Atlanta where he will pursue his undergraduate degree in political science and the performing arts. Shaprice intends to study psychology and education while playing basketball; she wants to attend either Illinois State University or Eastern Illinois University in the fall.

“I’m hoping to inspire younger generations….”- Shaprice Hunt

They both continue to rise way about the negative stereotypes about black youth, especially in their society.

“A lot of people say you can’t do it because of where you are from….Don’t listen to them.” –Deprice Hunt told the Huffington Post.

By Alexandra Daley



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