6 Ways in Which You can Make Black Lives Matter

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Black lives matter, I believe this and support most of the efforts of those involved in the Movement.  However, I take the additional stand that Green dollars matter as well.  Therefore, I would advocate that Black people and White people who support this new surge of expressions for racial justice also think on these things:

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  1. Support more Black businesses

For example; buy your next wig, weave, and beauty supplies from a Black owned business; buy your next car from a black owned car dealership, hire a Black realtor, get your next order of wings and fried rice from a Black owned restaurant (my favorite), savor your next fillet mignon from a black owned restaurant, etc.

Do not boycott non-Black owned businesses, however, spend a bit more at Black owned establishments. I realize that the cost of buying from a Black owned business may be higher at times, but consider the fact that if you do not support them, they might have to close their doors.

Pay close attention that their costs may be higher because of economies of scale, lack of access to working capital, and inadequate cash flows. Your continued support will make their business better, thereby passing on savings to you; their positive revenue statements will cause bankers and investors to be willing to lend financial support.

  1. Vote in every election available to you

Your vote matters and will count in the way in which laws and policies are implemented and executed.  Refusing to vote marginalizes your voice and will in turn prevent supportive voices and actions from being active in decision making and laws being passed.  As President Obama said, “Don’t boo, vote.”

  1. Advocate for better schools and school equipment in Black neighborhoods

Parents and adults must petition school boards and other governing bodies to provide efficient and adequate resources, and personnel to effectively educate Black children. Black children in Bowie or Potomac, Maryland must not have better schools, resources, and equipment than Black children in La Plata or Langley Park, Maryland or South East, Washington, D. C.

Yes, the quick retort to my wish is: the tax base is better, in Bowie, and Potomac; therefore more funds are available for better schools. Well, in response you should be ‘ find other means to divert funds to poor neighborhoods’ —parents must demand this! Funds are miraculously and creatively found for other matters. Why not vigorously help to educate poor Black children as well as you do for rich White children?

  1. Have a more meaningful presence at the Republican and Democratic Party campaign events

Picketing and harassing campaign event help by Democrats or Republicans is useless and counterproductive.  It is better to respectfully request to have a presence on stage to air your concerns in an orderly manner.

  1. Help to educate young men and women in their communities

Help in efforts to mentor and uplift Black youths who may need a bit more help than others.

  1. Teach love for all people

Never advocate hate—Black or White sentiments must never be construed or established as one against the other. In defense of our beliefs, we must never intimate that one person is better than the other. Yes, it may be difficult to tame our feelings  at times, however, remember that in your quest for justice you must see justice as colorless, lest you become as racist as those who used and continue to use race to oppress Black people.

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By Karl A. Haughton

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