5 Things to do in the Morning for Good Mood

5 Things to do in the Morning for Good Mood

Research has shown that there are two types of people in the world—one who feels happy when they get up in the morning and enjoy nature as it wakes up from deep slumber, and the second type who just can’t feel anything good about the morning. The morning mood can be transformed to a good one if you make yourself follow a routine, and after some time, your body and mind will attune themselves to like it. Initially, you may feel some internal resistance but if you are persistent in your effort, you can make it a regular habit. Reading some inspiring thoughts, listening to good music, and solving puzzles, etc. are considered good activities to simulate your brain but it is important to prepare your body at the same time. Below are five things that you can do to set a good mood in the morning.


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Your body wants water and morning is the right time to feed it. You will feel that drinking tea or coffee might be sufficient to hydrate your body; however, they are not as effective as simple water. It helps to abate fatigue, flush out bacteria, maintain blood pressure and help in avoiding various skin problems. Adding 1-2 cups of simple drinking water to your morning routine will prepare you for the day’s work quite nicely, and will also nourish your body.

Jumping Jacks to wake up

Jumping Jacks is a great exercise to wake up and put your mood in the right mode. It energizes your body because it involves dynamic stretching of your arms and also opens up your chest. It helps in increasing the blood flow and set your body in the right mood. Even if you do it for 10-15 minutes in the morning, you are instantly put in a dynamic mood, and ready to face the day with zeal and fervour.


5 Things to do in the Morning for Good Mood

Morning meditation is a lovely way to start the day. Meditation is known to have a calming effect on the overall physical and mental systems. When you sit for meditation, you allow your body to let go of the stress and rejuvenate in a positive way to face the tasks of the day. It helps in constructing a positive aura around you, and helps you rebuild your body. Even a 10-minute routine can do wonders for you, though a lot of people may like to sit for half an hour in the meditation. The choice lies with your comfort level.


5 Things to do in the Morning for Good Mood

A lot of people like to exercise and put their bodies in the active mode. Stretching and walking are two major activities people do. However, running is a very beneficial activity to gear up for the day’s job. It can cure your morning hangover instantly. As you run, you get to inhale crisp air, more blood flows, and the overall movement of the body sets the tone for the rest of the day. Morning air has less pollution and therefore it is quite safe also to run and have a conversation with the nature as you prepare your body. Though, if you feel that going out is not possible, you can have a have a good treadmill and run as much as you want.


5 Things to do in the Morning for Good Mood

5 Things to do in the Morning for Good Mood

Well, it sounds too motherly but breakfast is a great way to put you in a good mood in the morning. A lot of people find it difficult to swallow anything in the morning, but they end up seeking something to eat throughout the day. Eating a nutritional breakfast will help you avoid snacks at odd intervals. Having a balanced and healthy breakfast helps in concentration also because your body is not craving for energy as you prepare yourself for the day.


At the end, there is no hard and fast rule to setting your mood right. The choice lies with your own comfort level and preferences. Yet it is always advised to set up a routine and follow it—getting up at the same time every morning is one such routine. Start from simple goals if you find morning a difficult time, and you will gradually be able to transform the whole experience of waking up in the morning into a welcoming surprise.

By James Hood

James Hood is a professional Gym coach and a fitness enthusiast. He also likes to blog about fitness, likes to cut out the crap regarding nutrition promoted by mainstream media. He blogs at FitnessAbout




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