TAKE TWO OF THESE‏Not feeling well? Don’t worry, there’s a pill for that.
Be careful; you may have thoughts of suicide or become paranoid.
Oh no, he’s on the attack!

Run for your lives…rat-a-tat-tat

There’s a pill to put you to sleep
One to wake you up.
Feeling a little hopeless,
Having trouble staying focused?
Well, here’s a quick diagnosis;
Sounds as if you’re a bit distressed.
Could be from all the things you try to repress
You have every reason to be depressed.
Take two of these to help alleviate your stress.

Yet, side effects may be greater than the cure.
Here’s what you may have to endure.
Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and severe headaches for sure.
But wait! There’s more,
Insomnia, drowsiness, unusual bleeding, dry mouth and heart disease.
Oh my God, I beg you, please!

The teacher said that Tommy may never learn his ABC’s
‘Cause he can never sit still or be at ease.
So we give him a label, A.D.D.
and a pill to aid with his personality
But what are the possibilities that it could be because his diet.
Eating foods filled with preservatives, sugar and fat.
Genetically modified on top of that!

To keep us distracted; they invent the little blue pill,
You know the one you take when it’s time for a thrill.
It’s designed to keep you up all night,
Keeping us in the darkness,
So we’ll never see the light.
FDA approved, so I guess that makes it alright.

Our bodies are overloaded with parasites, toxins,
And that’s no joke
Yet, like a junkie we’re still pining for more.
Because that’s how we’ve learned to cope
Living in a state of psychosis;
Hypnotized by the powers that be,
Believing everything that you see on TV.
Trapped in a virtual unconscious reality?

The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.
But because of our need for instant gratification;
We came up with our own synthetic plan.
Cursing the earth, poisoning the land,
Insecticide, germicides, pesticides,
Designed for pest control.

Yet, the adverse effect, population control;
Destroying the land on a whole.

There’s no pill yet, to bring us back from the dead.
They say, “An apple a day may keep the Dr. away.”
But here’s a Rx for a longer life instead.
Think positive, good food and water,

Good love and lots of laughter;
Will surely keep disease at bay!
Love yourself from the inside out;
And all else, will work itself out.

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2015
©Copyright 2015. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.



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