We have all fallen
and have come short of his glory
So don’t judge me
For we all have a story

Some may think they are exempt
or governed by immunity
Perhaps those are the ones
that have lost their identity

Human nature and the choice of free will
can sometimes create battles
worst than the one at Bunker Hill

Some choose to bury the memories and hide the pain
Some may choose to cover the lies and continue playing the game
but the truth never dies
and it’s hard to forget or let go
I believe we all have secrets that people don’t know

History repeats itself
Therefore we reap what we sew
The pattern will never change
unless we decide to learn and grow

Do unto others as you would have done unto you
for one day, we will all have to face our own Waterloo
remember be careful of the things you do and say
cause every dog has his day
and by our own works we will surely get pay

So if you see your brethren falling
And fighting to get up
Lend him a hand instead of giving him a foot
Remember no man is an island
and we were not created to walk alone
so examine yourself
Before you throw the first stone!

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 20152712
©Copyright 2015. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.



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