code tenHave you seen the news today?
There was another code 10 around the way.
Are they blind or just playing pretend?
My God, the world is coming to a very bloody end.
Have we returned to the Wild, Wild West?
Who needs a license; just remember to pack your bullet proof vest.

I turned on the TV to escape the reality of my day;
But the headlines took me back to the old days;
when every man was strapped and always ready.
Victoria Barkley, The Big Valley!

Charlton Heston…the N.R.A.
They say it’s your choice to bear arms,
And stand up for your right;
But it seems today, everybody’s got a cause and or a fight.
Some people are even fighting just because…

Moses gave us the laws;
The Ten Commandments.
Without violence,
He parted the Red Sea;
So if he says it’s alright, then it must really be.
Wouldn’t you all agree?

Yet, there’s no safe place, nowhere to hide.
You could be at work,
And Billy gets fired…
He’s coming back with a vengeance,

Just you wait and see.
The boss just made him angry,
And now he’s pissed at you and me.
Get out of his way,
Run and hide;
Because that’s the only way you’ll get out of here alive.

Tommy went to school,
With his lunch all packed;
But he was hiding something else, in his backpack.
As he looked the bully straight in the eyes,
This is what he said, “you can say a prayer, but there’s no time to cry.

I’m here to take your life, so today, you’re gonna die.
I’m sending you to hell,
To pay for your crime.
Remember, karma is a bitch…
And it’s payback time!”

Roe vs. Wade gave us the right to choose,
But Brother Mitchell over there, he doesn’t agree;
So he decides to take matters into his own hands.
Holding everyone hostage,
Until he figures out a plan.
The cops better back off!
Or everyone’s dead.
One wrong move,
and it’s a bullet to the head!

Cops on duty, the donut shop.
211 in progress and someone’s bound to get shot.
Poor Jr. on his way home from school;
Absent from his mind, so he has no clue.
The usual suspect!
So, it’s just a matter of time.
He reaches for his phone-
And someone yells, man down, man down!
OMG…Jr. went to heaven choking on 16 rounds…

Held to the standards of prisoners and slaves.
Will we ever escape or will it follow us to our grave?
Sinking like quick sand in a sea of blood.
But instead of throwing a rope
You’re asking, “Where is the love?”

The President declared a war on drug;
So they brought out the heat.
Not sure who won the battle,
Because there’s still fighting going on in the street.
The issue it seems is now gun control;
So they make a proposal to buy them back
But are we just pulling straws from a black hole
We’re all pointing fingers,
Yet, no one takes the blame?
The government, masses, the cops on patrol.
We’re all responsible;
Therefore, we should all play a role.

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 20152911
©Copyright 2015. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.



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