3 Ways To Set Realistic Goals and Stick With It

3 Ways To Set Realistic Goals and Stick With It

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It’s a new year and I do hope it’s starting to take shape in the way you desire. January is often a time when we begin excitedly with new plans and goals and then slowly crash and burn because we set them too high and expect too much too soon.

I am of the firm belief that goals should be broken down into subsets: by year, then quarter, followed by month, week and then finally daily. In this way you have a lot of time to make up for the ones that slip through the cracks.

Sometimes I begin with a page filled with goals for one day and then I find myself trying to fit my modest feet into superhero shoes. It is an impossible task to get so many things done in one day or so my business coach keeps telling me. Then I find myself getting overwhelmed by the daunting tasks and end up taking several ‘time-outs’ during the day, just to escape the inevitable burn out.

I’ve therefore devised these 3 simple concepts when planning your goals:

 1. Make them realistic

If you want to climb Mt. Everest, you can’t wake up one morning and beat your chest and say to your buddies: “Let’s do this!” You can’t and you would not, because you know it’s humanly impossible to do so without the necessary research, training and planning.

You have to figure out what the temperature is like, how much it will cost, get together a team, work out regularly, get the right diet and rest aplenty. ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day!’ It may take months or it may take years, but with the correct planning and mental conditioning, the likelihood for success increases.

So get your pen and paper out and write down every single detail of your goals down to the letter, colour, taste, smell, sound, feel and look and logically list the steps you need to attain them.

 2. Stop Talking and Dreaming and Start Doing!

You ever heard the song by the American pop singer, Pink that goes, “You gotta get up and try, try, TRY lalalaa”? Well yeah! She’s spot on…about trying.

Don’t be one of those people that always talk about their goals like it’s a fairytale that will never come true. Something that’s way off in the distance…that will only happen in a make-believe land far, far away…if and only if…. the timing or circumstances are right.

The truth is, it will never, ever be right if you lack the will and follow through to execute.

Also if you surround yourself with “play-it-safers” and toxic people, you may just find yourself in the same spot each New Year – unfulfilled and operating under your full potential. Sometimes one needs tough love to light that fire and get going on your goals! If you want to start your own business, try listening to some audiobooks or enroll in a business boot camp.

This is real life and ordinary people just like you and me are taking a leap of faith and maximizing their chances of shining their light brightly and doing what they were created to do during this journey called life. They are living their dreams and touching lives and hearts by sharing their talents in the realist of ways.

Now, I am not telling you to go out there and quit your job if you are the sole breadwinner of a huge family, with loads of debt and are on year 1 of your 40 year-mortgage.

I am simply saying to anyone reading this who is yearning for a more fulfilling and meaningful life, to plan carefully, do your research thoroughly, weigh your options and then make a calculated risk in order to ‘WIN’ Big in all the ways that count: making a difference in the lives of others.

 3. Be prepared to make sacrifices, work hard and believe

This one applies to aspiring entrepreneurs. I am not going to lie to you and tell you that setting and sticking to your goals are going to be easy. Nothing in life worth having comes easily. There’s going to be really rough days, when you doubt yourself and the impact your business is having.

There may be days when you may be on the brink of bankruptcy and even homelessness. But cutting back on some luxuries and re-adjusting your lifestyle will be worth it in the end when you get to your desired destination.

You will be able to tell when your cup overflows with abundance and meaning and countless people everywhere you go tell you what a difference you have made in their lives. Suddenly you will find all the pieces to your jigsaw puzzle of life coming together beautifully and making sense just the way it was meant to be.

I strongly believe that once your intentions are pure and your goals are aligned with truly serving others and adding value, you will always survive the storms. When you least expect it, you will get a phone call or email or someone will show up out of the wilderness to bring your business back to life.

But you must want it badly enough and believe it with all of your mind, heart and soul. You will then find that the stars are aligning to assist you in fulfilling your life’s purpose. If you can’t visualize that you already have your desires within your grasp, then you have already lost half the battle.

Goals made with pure intentions and unfailing faith always result in success.

By Carolyn K. Correia


Carolyn K. Correia is the author of 
Thinking out LoudHow To Find Yourself and Claim What’s Yours and she missed the boat on love. She is also a communications consultant, freelance writer, blogger and motivational speaker. Learn more here www.carolyncorreia.com or stay updated on Facebook –CarolynCorreiaAuthor.



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