18 Degrees North – First Caribbean Investigative News Show

Written by Staff Report  of South Florida Times Thursday, 15 August 2013

Zahra BurtonFormer Bloomberg TV reporter Zahra Burton promises to turn the Caribbean news industry on its head with her TV news magazine show, 18 Degrees North.

Named for the geographic coordinates of Jamaica, 18 Degrees North will be the first production of Global Reporters for the Caribbean. The Jamaica born and raised Burton said she founded the company last year to fill the void for investigative reporting on Caribbean issues.

“There are millions of people in the Caribbean and its Diaspora who want credible news from the region,” said Burton.  “I am determined to deliver news that digs deeper and remembers to follow up.”

Ahead of the show’s launch in the week of August 18, 18 Degrees North sought out skilful and knowledgeable reporters and videographers from all across the Caribbean, the United States and the United Kingdom to deliver Caribbean-centric stories through a global lens. 

“We have oil and gas; we have stock exchanges; our weak borders make us prone to drug trafficking; we have one of the most closed societies in our backyard in Cuba; we have Rhodes Scholars, record holders in the world of sports and indigenous tribes; world heritage sites; gold cartels and one of the world’s biggest offshore banking locations in Cayman.  My point is there’s no shortage of stories. We want to bring the importance of Caribbean stories to the rest of the world,” Burton said.  Read full article here



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